Interior design ideas

Window sill in kitchen interior

October 15th, 2008

Kitchen – is the center of our life-support. Therefore, each element and window sill is not in the last instance. Window sill on the kitchen, unlike other premises, usually it is open space with raised functional loading.
From the designer’s point of view the ideal height of window in relation to floor and height of kitchen (furniture) should coincide. Then there is an opportunity to prolong a working surface of kitchen under the window and “to involve” the area of a window sill. Sensation from uniform space of the bottom part of kitchen and window sill is unusual!
And in the Europe uniform working zone with a sink under the window – it stays already for a long time one of the most actual kitchen design decisions.
Unfortunately, because of features of standard lay-out do not always give an opportunity to put standard kitchen base under a window and to deduce kitchen on one level with a window sill, having put uniform top on them.
Practice shows, that if the height of a window from the finished floor makes 84 centimeters it will allow to place a part of furniture under the window and to make window sill continuation of kitchen working surface.
In case, when the height of window is below 84 it is necessary to issue beautifully in the general style of the design decision of kitchen.
And if a window a little bit above, than 84 centimeters, the designer has other means: centimeters can be added at alignment of floor. Sometimes it is possible to put kitchen on small podium, especially if the kitchen is all the same transferred from the general strut.

Washing up…..with pleasure

October 6th, 2008

Getting washstand, pay attention to following parameters. The width of washstand should make 50-65 centimeters.
The washstand of smaller width is very inconvenient – sparks of water can gather around it on the wall and on the floor, and greater one takes too much place.
If you plan to establish a double washstand, arrange it so that the space between the middle of two bowls the distance was not less than 90 centimeters – otherwise two people, standing beside, can bother each other.
Depth of washstand makes 48-61 centimeters. It is possible to check up, whether the attracted model approaches you, even without the ruler – approach closely to a washstand and extend a hand. The washstand should end in the middle of a palm or at tips of fingers.
Choosing a washstand on a pedestal or built in curbstone, do not ignore its height. Usually the washstand is established at height of 80-85 centimeters, but it is not convenient at all.
According to anthropometrical requirements, for the majority of men comfortable height of a washstand (already on pedestal!) from a floor up to top of a board makes 94-109,2 centimeters, for women – 81,3-91,4 centimeters.
Certainly, the area of bathroom does not always allow establishing two washstands at different height; therefore in calculation it is necessary to take average indices – 86-93 centimeters.

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