Interior design ideas

World of love and coziness

December 3rd, 2008

Children’s room should be arranged in silent zone of the house, it should be well shined with natural light, with large windows, and it is desirable, that in first half of day, the sun was constantly shining there. The children’s room should be comfortable! The world of children’s things creates special aura of cosines and fabulousness, in which game and sleeping spaces successfully incorporate. The equipment and furniture for employment, games and dream depend on age of the child. The most important thing is that all subjects should be proportional to child’s growth, so that the child could use them freely.
For school age children’s room place not only for games and storage of toys, but also for study, should be arranged. In this case transformed furniture is one of the best variants – transformed furniture. Within one day the nursery can turn into the cozy house, puppet theatre, shop, a ship, a tent or a cave with «a fantastic giant», and in many other things, depending on mood of the child. Modifications are possible in process of growth of the kid. Such “transformer” will save not only a place, but also considerable sum of money and, probably, will serve to your child for many years. Furniture sets include not only separate subjects, but represent the multipurpose furniture combine consisting of two-story beds, short flights of stairs, hills, from which it is possible to move down, various lockers, shelves and tables. «Cascades» of different modules and niches make room more interesting.

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