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Feng Shui has come to McDonalds

January 3rd, 2009

Network of snack bars “McDonalds” has extended worldwide. In New York, Paris, London, Budapest, Kiev or Antalia you will easily see McDonalds and its traditional red-yellow interior.
However, owners of one of Californian McDonalds have gone far from traditions, having added Feng Shui McDonalds. Now, there is no plastic furniture in this McDonalds, and its interior is made in the muffled natural colors: beige, green and sand. Except for it there are traditional Feng Shui attributes: fountains, “handbells of wind” and numerous amulets.
Owners consider that the correct organization of space helps visitors to receive the maximal advantage and pleasure from food. Visitors with approval have apprehended similar interior and have started to visit from food more often.
Despite of the maximal unification, McDonalds has its own peculiarities.├В┬а In each country McDonalds owners try to give national color to restaurants.

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