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5 ideas for comfortable kitchen

February 13th, 2009

First, you should decide, what basic functions you want to have at your kitchen – only cooking or it will be combined with a dining room or, maybe, the rest zone – so, it will be a place, where all family will gather for dialogue.
In design of kitchen has a triangle rule: the less the distance between refrigerator, sink and cooker. The more ergonomic kitchen will be. The kitchen can be like a straight line, island, G-shaped, semicircular etc. The main thing is to find an optimum parity between kitchen zones.
1. Storage zone
First of all the refrigerator should be placed. It can be built in kitchen set or it can be settled down separately. Besides, in this zone it is desirable to place a case for the products requiring long storage (canned food). The sizes of this zone depend on quantity of members of family and volumes of purchases of products.
2. Kitchen utensils zone
Utensils can be stored in the bottom drawers of kitchen set or in hinged cases. It is desirable, that this zone adjoined to a sink.
3. Sink zone
Here there a sink, place for garbage and branch for storage cleaning and washing-up liquids can be placed. Dishwasher and waste grinder can be settled not far from the sink.
4. Cooking zone
This is basic place on the kitchen. Here you should settle down a working surface – chopping boards, various capacities etc.
5. Eating zone
This zone should have enough space for all members of a family. And if there is not enough place, it is better to arrange eating zone in the separate room and arrange bar here.

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