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Fashionable interior 2009

March 22nd, 2009

What do we mean, when we say “fashionable design”? We have good news for you!!! Well-known fashionable marks, known for the fashionable clothes are also engaged in decor and furniture business. In 2006 networks Esprit and Zara have represented summer collections of textiles and decorative elements, and also furniture for dandies.
ESPRIT home collection 2009 is represented with bright, violent colors, giving energy to rooms. This collection is created by means of such experts as A.S.Création (furniture-tapestry materials), Leonardo (glass products), R.F.Petersen (carpets), Bervision, Kitan, Hukla (textiles).
Can you imagine modern furniture and bright strips for sitting room, bright colors for walls, stylish forms just for decoration or quiet warm tone for all conditions: walls, furniture, illumination? Maybe, you would prefer minimalist design, mixed with modern Asian style…
Well-known network Zara opens new boutiques Zara Home. This year Zara is going to open its business in France. Textiles and decor subjects by Zara Home show last tendencies of interior business.

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