Interior design ideas

Color scale of bedroom and private life

April 8th, 2009

Secret role of color in bedrooms interior is great. In antiquity healers knew about the influence of colors of surrounding subjects, and wrong color can cause various diseases.
Searching for harmony in private life demands to follow such principle, as balance. In order to create harmonious interior, it is necessary to think over a color scheme. Color – is an important component, which influences state of health, psychological comfort, coziness and sexual behavior of the person.

Psychological influence of color combinations
Dark blue + black = absolute rest
Dark blue + grey = calmness
Dark blue + brown = tenderness
Dark blue + violet = aspiration to a subtlety of feelings
Dark blue + yellow = desire to understand and be understood
Dark blue + red = emotional satisfaction
Dark blue + green = accuracy, accuracy, logicality
Green + red = initiative, activity
Green + yellow = a gain, a recognition
Green + violet = aspiration to win an arrangement of associates
Green + black = intolerance to influence from the outside
Yellow + violet = adventures
Yellow + black = aggression
Yellow + brown = private secrets
Red + violet = a sensuality, excitation
Violet + brown = pleasure
Violet + grey = feeling of high feelings
Violet + black = requirement for imitation, desire to become a part something
Grey + yellow = indecision
Grey + brown = necessity for special attention
Grey + black = unwillingness to have with the world of any relations

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