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China – royal tea drinking

June 30th, 2009

Still any half a century ago porcelain and crystal in the house were considered as a narrow-mindedness sign. And now coffee, tea, lunch and other services are being carefully collected.
As Chinese porcelain was always out of competition, today we will talk about its European colleague. However, in spite of the fact that the china exists very much for a long time, there is still a lack of world-wide recognized marks.
Europeans managed to disclose secrets of the Chinese skill only in 18th century, earlier only wooden or clay utensils was used. It is interesting, that this opening has been made practically simultaneously in Germany and France. Only Germans have adjusted manufacture of so-called “firm” porcelain from the Dresden clay, and Frenchmen – “soft”, without kaolin application.
Already for hundred twenty years table porcelain of DM Rosenthal has been treated as royal porcelain all over the world. It combines skill, quality and art elegance. Distinctive feature of cups of this mark is that they are completely covered by glaze whereas others are simply polished at edges.
Coeval Rosenthal – Villeroy&Boch trade mark is not so grandiose, but is not less refined. Besides it is accessible not only to persons of “blue” blood as production shares on daily ware and for solemn occasions.
Two centuries ago Englishmen have tried to add kaolin into bone flour. Experiment has been very successful. Products turned out not only snow-white, but surprisingly strong. For example, it is considered, that factory Wedgwood cups can sustain weight in some tons (at correct distribution, certainly). Till now bone porcelain is produced and painted only manually by gold and platinum dropping.
The invention of English mark Worcester – is a so-called “jeweler” decor.

Wattled furniture

June 11th, 2009

Weaving -is one of the most ancient human crafts. It is even is more senior than potter’s business.├В┬а It is surprising, that today masters work practically the same as slaves in Egyp. Initial materials, technology of its preparation and manual skills have not changed.
The refinement of wattled furniture relies in difficult fret work and unusual modest wattled furniture luxury.
By the way material is quite cheap, products are not inexpensive, and they are practical in use, easy in care and are durable.
Now the main value of wattled furniture relies in its ecological cleanliness. The more it is closer to nature, the more valuable it is: both durability and easy care are important.
And though the most expensive and best furniture is exported from Italy, Spain and Germany, the majority of the European firms bring an exotic half-finished product.
Traditional Russian wattled furniture is made of willow rod, Indonesian is made of raffia, Chinese – of bamboo, Malaysian – of reed, Philippine – of abaca.

Mirax predicts high prices for building materials

June 5th, 2009

Mirax Group experts mark positive tendency in the market of the basic building materials, cement and armature, for the first time since autumn of last year – increase in demand and a rise in prices is observed.
In May the volume of the auctions by cement has increased twice in comparison with an April indicator, and the price index of branch has grown on 7 %.
It is possible to expect the further rise in prices for cement in the near future. It is connected with activization of demand and simultaneous increase in costs of manufacturers of the cement, caused by growth of tariffs for gas, the electric power, and transport expenses.
Besides, after stable April prices, in May prices for armature have grown on 1,25 %. Metallurgical combines have raised the prices for 2-7 % for June shipments.
Today the average price of armature has reached level of February, 2007, and makes RUB 17,125 thousand for ton.

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