Interior design ideas

Country style

September 5th, 2009

Country style – is the style, which has come to us from the multinational USA, but in due course it lost its geographical binding, and today it is considered as international style.
First of all we will remind of ecological compatibility of the country: arranging home in this style, you should minimize use of synthetic materials, preferring natural materials – tree, stone, and paper, metal (only not chrome plated, but “made old” one). And even straw or dried leaves can become ornament of your interior – you should use your imagination.
Country style is not cheap style, so, or natural materials – be it stone or a tree, or paper – are quite expensive.
If to speak about the inherent country of polychrome, it is necessary to notice, that it is, as a rule, juicy, dense, not shouting tone. Gentle shades of green, dark red, blue, beige are preferred. As to patterns (which, certainly, are characteristic for style of the country style), they should be simple – flower motives for walls, the Scotswoman – just for decoration.
Certainly, rural style means also quite certain furniture – simple, even rough forms.
And, certainly, the country style means lots of accessories: copper, clay and ceramic ware, services with a vegetative ornament, figurines, and candlesticks.
In a word, the today’s country style – is an eclectic style, which means naturalness, coziness and comfort.

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