Interior design ideas

False ceiling in bathing

June 15th, 2008

False ceiling in bathing is very fashionable nowadays. Feature of bathroom, to which it is necessary to pay attention at furnish of a ceiling first of all, is that it is premise with the raised humidity. The surface of ceiling can contact not only with damp air, but also with water. Accordingly at choice of a material it is necessary to be assured in its moisture resistance.
Coverings with incorrectly picked up moisture resistance after a while start either to stratify, or to rust under the influence of fungi and bacteria. All other requirements to ceilings in bathing (light-reflective and sound-proof ability, fire resistance, and ecological cleanliness) completely correspond to the general, shown to ordinary ceiling designs.
Furnish of a ceiling in a bathroom by means of a pendant design is one of variants of decisions. It is beautiful and functional – under a false ceiling it is possible to hide electro posting, ventilating etc. rack metal ceilings, tiled, and also from water-resistant gypsum cardboard perfectly approach for bathing.
Today some types of tiled false ceilings are being produced. Not all of them are suitable for bathrooms – everything depends on material. It is possible to choose plates from a mineral fiber. This material is not afraid of moisture. However, besides mineral fiber the structure of such plates includes a secondary paper, clay and organic additives.

Color of kitchen and appetite

June 10th, 2008

Psychologists have for a long time tried to study the influence of color on the behavior, mood and appetite: different colors differently influence not only our mentality, but also our appetite. Let├втВмтДвs find what color to choose for kitchen that everything that you will prepare on it was tasty. And, the main thing, it did not allow us to overeat.
Grey color will help to grow thin
Are you going to loose some kilograms? Color kitchen in grey-pink tones: such combination muffles appetite and even causes disgust for meal! Grey color does not cause irritation, but thus it calms and muffles anxiety, and together with it and appetite.
Pink color (only not bright, but pale) makes the impression of some mystery, in a combination with grey it promotes self-scrutiny.
Orange and turquoise colors stimulate appetite
Orange and turquoise shades, and also their combinations concern to “tasty” colors. If you even will hang up a picture of these colors on kitchen and will look at it during meal you quickly will get rid of excessive leanness.
Orange color acts excitingly, thus it is very warm and vital color and it adds optimism.
Turquoise and blue-green colors muffle irritation because these are natural colors.

Ideas for your bedroom

June 2nd, 2008

If bedroom in the house is a separate room, it is highly recommended to use light pastel and warm tone, creating atmosphere of coziness. When the bedroom is not large, it is desirable to avoid right contrast colors. It is better to play on nuances – shades of one color or close to color scale tones.
Natural materials, natural colors – a lot of alive greens of plants and tree, light curtains and jalousie, a carpet from a wool or banana fiber on light parquet, fixtures with soft diffused light. In a bedroom it is possible to make a zone of rest with an armchair, a floor lamp and a low table. The bed can be separated by partition with shelves, low rack or translucent fabric jalousie. It is also possible to allocate a zone of rest, having covered a floor in with a carpet or a carpet covering of other color.
But bed, nevertheless, remains the basic furniture of bedroom. And it is necessary to choose it correctly. Every possible variants of skeletons, mattresses and headboards require thoughtful and slow choice, and, of course, experts’ recommendations. Skeletons and mattresses -are imperceptible, but the most important parts of your bedroom. They define qualities of dream and rest.
At a choice of a mattress it is necessary to pay attention not only to its softness or hardness, but also to a possible allergens in structure of its layers or features filling material. For example, latex mattress is made of natural or artificial foam rubber. It is the most durable type of mattresses, but they are not recommended to people with raised diaphoresis.

Steel character: Fixtures Esedra, Status, Grossmann

May 31st, 2008

Many factories, having given in to charms of minimalism, precise lines and brilliant surfaces, have decided to devote├Р┬▓ the whole collections to high-tech style. This problem has been in the best way solved by three factories – Esedra, Grossmann and Status.
So, Italian factory Esedra specializes on decorative fixtures. Esedra combine rigid character of a mega city and own game of design, idea, and light. Other Italian factory – Status – combines in the fixtures severity and a practicality. Already more than 30 years production of company Status guarantees high quality and functionality. The laconic, brilliant fixtures executed in cold tones, become an original interior detail and will emphasize purposefulness, activity and gravity of the owner. The lamp with the fantastic name Colibri, created in 1998, is the sample of minimalism and the favorite of office interiors, and collections of fixtures of factory Status, for example, Papira is a combination of the high quality, the sated, deep color palette and functionality.
German company Grossmann has made high tech as the basic style direction. Grossmann is a real German quality, a wide range both decorative, and architectural light, a variety of models and interesting details.

Feather or spring bed?!

May 30th, 2008

Choosing between spring and spring less kinds of mattress, you will, certainly ask yourself about which one is better. It appears, orthopedic properties can be shown at any qualitative mattress only when it will be correctly picked up, and after the analysis of set of all data – weights of the person, its “special” (problems with a backbone) and personal sensations. So, the full person “will fail” in a soft mattress, and thin one will not feel a special difference between board and rigid rookery. Some firms give the information on an allowable weight among other parameters. Therefore, before to make such expensive purchase (the price can vary from 500 dollars up to 5 thousand dollars), and especially at Internet purchase, it is necessary to direct all over again to the nearest interior and to test available variants in operation. It means that you need not only to sit, but also to lie down on the exhibit as if you have decided to have a sleep.
If to speak about details, models with dependent (classical) springs (linked among them on all cloth and consequently creating wave effect), despite of essential prize in the price, are confidently superseded by mattresses with springs.
Each spring is compressed exactly as much as weight of your body needs, not paying attention to the neighboring springs. Such mattress, are carefully supporting and repeating each bend of your body and do not allow it to become numb. As a result, you will have a sweet sleep. Because of absence of wave effect, spouses, lying on one mattress, will not bother each other.


May 24th, 2008

If you have a garden, it means that you always face the problem of good grass.
It is better for the beginner to start with unpretentious, which are steady against trampling mixes. Usually in different marks they are marked with a mark “sports”. Certainly, your lawn will not look velvet, but after it children and pets can easy run. It will become gentle as a carpet.
Riding cereals are the steadiest – they form large rough stalks and leaves, they cluster a little. This group includes hedgehog, corn, a fire, foxtail, a wheat grass creeping.
Local grasses have thin runaways with narrow leaves; they are very whimsical and strongly cluster. The main local cereals are meadow grass, red fescue and bent grass.
Some kinds of mixtures include differing on rate of growth and development kinds of grass, so that the lawn continued to grow and develop under any weather conditions and loadings. In the steadiest mix riding cereals will prevail.


May 18th, 2008

Useful links:
* In order to prevent constant rearrangements, sort clothes on seasons. It is possible to clean gradually, packing in covers clothes, which concerns to winter one. Vacuum bags are Also very convenient: dried up and ironed clothes may be packed there. Air may be taken away with the help of vacuum cleaner through the special valve, and the flat bag will take a little place. And spring blouses and T-shorts may be, on the contrary, hanged out closer.
* Further the remained things should be grade by color. For example, things of shades of red color may be settled down on the certain shelves and hangers, dark blue – on others.
* Woolen and fur things should be stored only in packages from a dense fabric or a paper with the lavender.
* So that clothes were not kneaded, it is better to hang up each thing on a separate hanger. However, it is, certainly, an ideal situation.├В┬а In order to save place, look in shops of a hanger combined with a coat hanger.
* Caps and hats of the rigid form should be stored only in boxes.
* Aired and dried footwear should be stored in cardboard boxes. Put crumpled paper into noses of boots and shoes.
* It is also recommended to fill bags with newspapers and to pack into boxes.

Haute couture apartments: apartments from ARMANI

May 16th, 2008

Creating the house of the dream, the rare person today will not take advantage of professional architects and designers’ services, which will with pleasure, embody all dreams in the refined interior. Absolutely soon true judges of design haute couture, and also admirers of philosophy of Fashionable Armani House can plunge into the refined comfort and functional elegance of own design dwelling, created by experts of one leading divisions.
So, two-level exclusive apartments will be placed on 59 and 60 floors of a tower “Federation” in Moscow-city. The lay-out and design of interiors are created with use of finishing materials and furniture from Armani Casa. The average area of apartments makes 509, 724, 939 and 1069 square meters; the apartments have huge sitting rooms, two bedrooms, a special zone for a maid. There will be enough place for the real winter garden.
Interiors of the future apartments will completely transfer philosophy of the designer. The minimalism, precise lines, neutral shades and expensive materials will create a unique atmosphere of laconism and luxury.
The cost of these apartments will be considerably above the cost of other elite habitation.
It is caused by a lot of their unique features. Besides, Armani Casa completely develops a lay-out and design of interiors with use of finishing materials and furniture of own manufacture, and in the apartments the basic accent is put on unique view from windows.

Furniture in Russian style

May 13th, 2008

The furniture in Russian or pseudo-Russian style has for the first time appeared at the international exhibition in 1867 in Paris. And it will be successfully exhibited at the further, always causing genuine interest of public and experts. It is indicative, that the products executed in this style, have forced Europeans to change the opinion of Russia and more closely to concern to what Russian manufacturers offered.
The new direction, in which genuine interest and surprise prevail comes on change to opinion occurred in the West that “Russia is the country of imitations”, and its manufacturers are guided only by creation of copies. European experts have at once noted, that Russia aspires to be released from whose that there were influences to create own, based on national elements, style.
Russian furniture has completely grown from these conditions. Connections of a tree are not hidden by artificial veneer, but, on the contrary, to they are attaching special expressive significance. It also explains why partitioning of separate parts are executed with full understanding of the elementary techniques; each element makes impression, as if it has been quickly and easily made by a cutter or on a lathe.
No any synthetic material, but a tree can fill the house with such powerful natural power.

Germans have invented system which will completely change modern cities

May 5th, 2008

At art and NEXT technologies exhibition in Denmark the dynamic facade of a building, developed by Germans, has been represented. This invention is capable to change completely appearance of mega cities all over the world.
Skyscrapers, which walls are made entirely of the glass, abuse many for plainness of shape, but they are capable “to change” appearance depending on color of the sky.
Recently the following logic step in city buildings facades’ evolution has been made. Various parts of facade differently reflect the sky, surrounding buildings, ground and asphalt. These reflections live their life, constantly varying. On a wall of building light and dark strips, waves, circles run – “patch of light-facade” (flare facade) is capable to provide such enchantling show.
This facade was developed by Berlin Company WHITEvoid interactive art and design. It calls the system “kinetic membrane”.
Such facade consists of set of blocks of the complex form, each of which is a mirror from the polished steel. Intricate corners and sides of one such plate allow grouping the “screen” from them, which is capable to close a facade of any form.
Change of “pixels” in this “screen” is reached by very simple image. Each mirror block is established on axis and can deviate on a small corner by means of pneumatic driver.
When the surface of “pixel” is focused vertically, it reflects the bright sky for the ground observer. If pneumocylinders will incline the steel block downwards – it will already reflect the ground. And light and dark points on “screen” will turn out.

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